3 Secrets to Nailing Your Custom Niche

God gave you skills, friend! Use this guide to find your perfect-for-you business and start building your standout personal brand!

Your Unrivaled


Grab this FREE guide to help you find that custom niche, and serve those you adore and are called to help using what the Lord has already provided you

I'll help you change how you market. Make the most of your limited time by attracting the exact people you are positioned to serve using my simple and effective method alongside Christ.


Secret #1

My simple yet thorough framework to help you identify exactly what makes you uniquely equipped to serve your prospects

Secret #2

This one diligent change will help you to become virtually competition-free and add joy to your business

Secret #3

Combining these two elements of your business will give you a knock-out niche and set you on the path to an unrivaled offer!

Meet Kari Hume

I’m a Christ-following wife and boy mom of 3 living in breathtaking Colorado and sometimes at my relaxing lake home in Missouri. 

As a Corporate Leader turned Full-time Mom and Entrepreneur, I understand the guilt, overwhelm and frustration that comes along with trying to raise kids and a business while following the Lord’s path.

Entrepreneurship, truth-seeking, outside-the-box marketing, biblically-sound branding, holistic health, prayer and scripture journaling, anything outdoors and hands-on parenting are my jam! Mostly, I prefer to live life on God’s terms and no one else’s.

I'm so glad you are here!